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The Journal is a hybrid archival art object, a site of coalescence for the emerging discussion on fashion as art. As a site for coalescence of critical thought, focusing on fashion as one of art’s mediums, Waves and Archives’ each issue assumes the design of an envelope filled with a stack of articles contributed without a solicitation of a predetermined theme. The resulting collection of articles aims to be a direct reflection of the themes which preoccupy its contributors, and hopes to remain unadulterated by the discourses put forward by its biannually published writings, in order to continue allowing the free and open coalescing of the contemporary thought on fashion as one of art’s mediums. The writings, not hierarchized by the regular order of the publication medium’s sequencing, are randomly gathered together inside an envelope- attempting to allude the format of research findings that scholars accumulate and turn to for knowledge, and inspiration - to help calibrate, form, and place their own hypotheses. With time Waves and Archives hopes to inspire the kind of thought it is meant to publish. Housing as many writings as will organically be contributed to the discourse of fashion as art, and presenting artists joining the manifesto of designers operating as contemporary artists - each issue will be delimited only by the timeframe of the Journal's own reissuing. In this sense, and through its design as numbered editions, the Journal will also become an archival art object, documenting the birth and the later heartbeat of the discourse of fashion as one of art’s mediums.

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