Waves and Archives, a contemporary art gallery with a focus on fashion as art,  launches on March 6th with Sinéad O’Dwyer’s solo exhibition In Myself.


Waves and Archives, founded by Manan Ter-Grigoryan with Julian A. Jimarez Howard and Marianna Kosheleva, is a platform for the exploration of fashion as art. It endeavors to nurture an environment where fashion artists can operate as contemporary artists. In its mission to examine fashion with the same considerations that are given to all other mediums of art, Waves and Archives is the first art gallery dedicated to representing fashion artists. Read our Manifesto here.

Waves and Archives' inaugural show

Sinéad O'Dwyer

"In Myself"

Opening night March 6th, 6-8 p.m.

March 6 - April 3, 2020

117 Beekman Street in New York

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The exhibition is made possible with support from Wallplay and Seaport District NYC

Sinéad O’Dwyer, front torso fragment, 2018

photographed by Ottilie Landmark